Covid – 19 Visitor Information Update

Following the government guidance recently issued, it is now mandatory for those visiting financial services premises to wear facial coverings. This means that if you are coming into our offices, you will be required to wear a mask. Your adviser and any staff you encounter will also be wearing a mask. Our social distancing and high sanitation protocols remain in … Continue reading

COVID-19 and the Housing Market

We are better placed to weather a property slump than after the credit crunch, but it could still be dire.– The Times, May 2nd, 2020 With governments, advisers and economists grappling to conclude whether the economy will experience a V, U, W or L shaped recovery, we are wondering what effects this will have on the UK housing market. A … Continue reading

Will the European Union Survive the Pandemic?

Fault lines are on display in the EU as the Northern hemisphere members have been perceived as less than supportive to the poorer Southern hemisphere members. The European commission’s vice-president Frans Timmermans predicted “the EU as we know it will not survive this”. Finally, a last-minute package was agreed, for €500bn of emergency loan finance. This was little more than … Continue reading

Light at the end of the Tunnel?

“We are moving to the next phase of the battle” – Boris Johnson 27th April 2020 With Boris Johnson having returned to Downing Street, fully recovered and back in charge, we believe the government will start to unveil plans to ease the current lockdown and kick start the economy. Construction sites are reopening, as long as they can implement social … Continue reading

Will active management prove their value in these volatile Markets?

Investors have two main strategies which they can use to generate a return on their investment accounts: active portfolio management and passive portfolio management. Active portfolio management focuses on outperforming the market in comparison to a specific benchmark such as the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index. Passive portfolio management mimics the investment holdings of a particular index in order to … Continue reading

Will working from home be the new normal?

With much of the world in lockdown, many are now working from home. Are CEOs and COOs observing huge swathes of empty office floors, often swanky and expensive, and asking themselves do we need all this? It may be a novelty for some, but this type of flexible working arrangement is becoming increasingly popular. Remote working can make for a … Continue reading

News Article – Property fund suspensions

The COVID-19 pandemic and its spread across the globe has sent markets into an apparent period of freefall, after arguably the longest bull run (rising market) in history. These turbulent conditions have led to a number of property funds suspending as they are left unable to accurately value their underlying properties. The first to do so was Kames Capital’s Property … Continue reading

Message from the Chairman: COVID-19 Update

The team at Baggette & Company Wealth Management Ltd all hope you are keeping well.  We all increasingly recognise our worlds have been turned upside down and these are unprecedented times.  We also understand the importance of continuing to follow government guidance and are grateful to the amazing key workers that are keeping us all safe.   A few weeks ago … Continue reading