This 12 minute video covers the importance and benefits of making or reviewing a Will, what it covers, repercussions of not having a will, intestacy implications & pointers when writing a will.  We all know it is important to write a will,  but do we really understand why, or the implications of not having a Will in place?  It may be … Continue reading

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPOA)

This is a little known or understood, but extremely important aspect of life planning which is why we want to make this 9-minute video available to as many people as possible.  The video includes an introduction and why Power of Attorney (POA) is important (3 minutes)  before going on to explain when and how to use them.  This gives you … Continue reading

State Pension

For those who have not yet retired the state pension is often not fully understood, but as you get closer to your chosen retirement age it is important that you take the time to find out how it works, what amounts you may receive and when. In 2016 there were some significant changes to the state pension system which impacted … Continue reading

Protect yourself from scams

We are all aware of the ever-increasing issue with scams and scammers as they get more sophisticated and more prevalent. This 4-minute video is designed to keep up to speed with the current issues and most importantly how to protect yourself and others. Our regulator the FCA also provides the following information specific to how Pension Scams work: Scammers usually … Continue reading

August Update from the CEO

As we have all seen over the last 18 months, technology is key to a successful future. At Baggette & Company Wealth Management Ltd we have been exceedingly fortunate to have the expertise & skillset within the firm to have moved online relatively seamlessly when the pandemic hit. From our Director of Operations who made it all work so smoothly … Continue reading

Covid – 19 Visitor Information Update

Following the government guidance recently issued, it is now mandatory for those visiting financial services premises to wear facial coverings. This means that if you are coming into our offices, you will be required to wear a mask. Your adviser and any staff you encounter will also be wearing a mask. Our social distancing and high sanitation protocols remain in … Continue reading

COVID-19 and the Housing Market

We are better placed to weather a property slump than after the credit crunch, but it could still be dire.– The Times, May 2nd, 2020 With governments, advisers and economists grappling to conclude whether the economy will experience a V, U, W or L shaped recovery, we are wondering what effects this will have on the UK housing market. A … Continue reading

Will the European Union Survive the Pandemic?

Fault lines are on display in the EU as the Northern hemisphere members have been perceived as less than supportive to the poorer Southern hemisphere members. The European commission’s vice-president Frans Timmermans predicted “the EU as we know it will not survive this”. Finally, a last-minute package was agreed, for €500bn of emergency loan finance. This was little more than … Continue reading