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Find value in school fees planning

Like other major purchases, a private education is a long term financial commitment.

To educate your child privately from the age of five to eighteen can cost in the region of £250,000. At Baggette & Co we are best placed to advise on the bigger picture, looking holistically at your life, business affairs and family, exploring methods of investing and paying for private education.

We look at attractive investments and tax efficiencies. We can also inform you about options to use a lump sum from your pension fund or a draw down mortgage.

When it comes to school fees planning it may be parents, grandparents or other relatives who are wanting to put financial arrangements in place. Our advisers can discuss inheritance tax advantages for grandparents, trust funds and gifting.

We work with each individual client to ascertain a range of strategies that can help meet the cost of private education.

Speak to our specialist advisers and start planning early.

Leading Chartered Financial Planners

With over £160 million in funds under our management and administration, you can be sure this is a relationship that you can trust.

Baggette and Company Wealth Management can help make your money work for you. We are a firm of financial planners with offices in Poole and London and have been awarded the status of Chartered Financial Planners by the Chartered Insurance Institute, the gold standard for Financial planners.

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