August Update from the CEO

4th August 2021

August Update from the CEO

As we have all seen over the last 18 months, technology is key to a successful future. At Baggette & Company Wealth Management Ltd we have been exceedingly fortunate to have the expertise & skillset within the firm to have moved online relatively seamlessly when the pandemic hit. From our Director of Operations who made it all work so smoothly to the individual staff who took working from home in their stride, and not forgetting the ‘office fairies’ who kept the morale running high throughout. This has focused our attention more sharply on looking for ways to use technology to help our clients, staff and business.

I would like to introduce to you four educational videos that we have added to our website, these were initially provided to our staff as refresher training of these all-important, but often overlooked, aspects of financial planning. We would now like to open these up to all our clients in the following areas:

  • Protect yourself from scams – 4 minutes to include raising awareness of typical scammers ways and how FCA’s Scamsmark website can help.
  • State Pension – 16 minutes to include how it works, the amounts and when you may receive it plus the 2016 State pension changes and their potential impact.
  • Lasting Power of Attorney – 9 minutes, to include an Introduction and why Power of Attorney (POA) is important, when and how to use them and choosing your attorney.
  • Wills – 12 minutes to include the importance and benefits of making or reviewing a Will, what it covers, repercussions of not having a will, intestacy implications & pointers when writing a will.

Our focus is on the client journey, your journey, towards understanding your options and being able to make an informed decision. The above journeys are open to all and free of charge, so please use and share this information.

We have also invested in other, product and situation-specific journeys which we will be sharing with our clients, where appropriate, as part of our advice process.

Also, as many of you will be aware, we have moved towards using our client ‘Portal’ as this offers a more convenient and most importantly, secure way of corresponding with you. We will shortly be opening this system up to allow you to view your valuations online at any time convenient to you – a quick and convenient update at any time, using your personal login details.

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