Gender pay gap widens for managers

28th September 2017

Gender pay gap widens for managers

Female managers in the UK earn close to £12,000 less on average than their male counterparts, new research has found.

The gender pay gap for the UK’s 3.3 million managers now stands at 26.8%, according to analysis by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and XpertHR.

The figure is considerably higher than the average of 18.1% for all workers, or 9.4% for full-time staff.

The CMI report was based on a study of more than 118,000 employees in 423 organisations.

It is based on new reporting requirements and includes salaries and bonuses, as well as benefits such as car allowances and commissions.

The gap last year, under the old rules, stood at at 23.1%.

The gender pay gap is even higher in the Midlands, where male managers earn an average of £42,745 – almost a third more than the £30,038 figure for their female equivalents.

It is also above the national average North and North East of England, where male managers earn an average of 28.8% more than women, while it is lowest in Scotland at 21.5%.

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