Light at the end of the Tunnel?

12th May 2020

Light at the end of the Tunnel?

“We are moving to the next phase of the battle”

– Boris Johnson 27th April 2020

With Boris Johnson having returned to Downing Street, fully recovered and back in charge, we believe the government will start to unveil plans to ease the current lockdown and kick start the economy.

Construction sites are reopening, as long as they can implement social distancing. Sports such as Premier League football are likely to be allowed to resume behind closed doors, and shops selling non-essential items will be permitted to re-open if they can keep customers two metres apart.

Many counties in Europe have already started to relax restrictions and we are sure that the UK although cautious, will want to do the same. The balance of reopening the economy versus the threat of a spike in infections is fraught with danger and the government will not be rushed into making rash promises and actions. However, we believe there is a growing majority in the cabinet that recognise the need to reboot the economy.

“Don’t let the cure be worse than the problem itself”       

Christos A Makrisis

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