State Pension

24th August 2021

State Pension

For those who have not yet retired the state pension is often not fully understood, but as you get closer to your chosen retirement age it is important that you take the time to find out how it works, what amounts you may receive and when.

In 2016 there were some significant changes to the state pension system which impacted a large number of people. If you are nearing retirement, particularly when the state pension will be making up a sizeable part of your retirement income, it is imperative that you understand your options now, particularly if you are not likely to achieve the maximum state pension benefit and/or if you and your partners are not married/civil partners.

This 16-minute video is designed to provide information to help you understand where you stand and what questions to ask your independent financial adviser!

The following links to the Government website may also be helpful to include:

Plan your retirement income: step by step – GOV.UK (

To find out your minimum state pension age:

(Link: – State Pension)

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