Update from CEO – Ukraine & Russia Update

10th March 2022

Update from CEO – Ukraine & Russia Update

Our sister company Baggette Asset Management Ltd had recently issued an update in relation to the Mazarin Fund range and whilst you may not be invested in these funds it is a very useful market update, so we wanted to share with all of our clients or anyone considering the benefits of more active investments.

This is a fast-moving situation that is already heavily documented. However, you may be wondering how this may affect your investments and what, if anything, you should do.

As an investment client you will be aware of, and most probably experienced on many occasions, the ups and downs of the market – for example, the most recent COVID market changes in March 2020 which thankfully were short-lived.

Do bear in mind that most investment portfolios are well diversified, this spreads the risk across a wide range of assets and markets, helping to reduce volatility over the longer term, so should not be compared to the more volatile indexes such as FTSE100 and Dow Jones currently in the spotlight.

This once again highlights the importance of regularly reviewing your investments, making time for the annual review with your adviser and ensuring that you are in the right place to be able to ‘sit tight and wait out the storm’.

Should you have any questions or concerns or if you would like to discuss your investments with your adviser, please do let us know.

Keith Baggette, CEO.

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