Our Wealth Management Services

We are a long established firm, one of a few financial planners in the South of England awarded with the title ‘Chartered Financial Planners’ by the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Using current investment thinking, we focus on both wealth enhancement and wealth protection.

With an extensive number of personal and business clients, we currently have more than £200 million in funds under our management and administration.

Our Offering

Ongoing Review & Management

The purpose of this service level is to develop our planning strategies over time to take account of your changing circumstances and objectives as well as developments in economic conditions or legislation. This service consists of all 4 stages of our advice process shown in the ‘About’ page.

Full Financial Review

This service level aims to develop our planning strategies based on your current circumstances and objectives as well as the current economic conditions and legislations. The ‘Full Financial Review’ service will consist of stages 1-3 of our advice process shown on the ‘About’ page.

Transactional Based

No Advice / Execution only
The transactional service merely undertakes a transaction at your specific request and is processed on an execution only basis.

You will be provided with the relevant illustrations, product brochures and application forms. We will not provide any comment on the product or its suitability for you.

Limited Advice
If you specifically instruct us that you do not wish to discuss a particular area of financial advice, and that area should not form part of the advice given, this will be considered to be ‘limited advice’. In which case the standard advice process will be followed (stages 1-3 shown on the ‘About‘ page) but specifically in relation to the requested area. You must be aware that if you limit the information provided, this may detract from the completeness of the advice given and that any information not disclosed could affect how appropriate that advice is to your circumstances.