National Trust Woodlands – Plant a tree

16th February 2022

National Trust Woodlands – Plant a tree

When one of my staff suggested in November last year that we forgo the usual Christmas ‘secret Santa’ and instead put the money towards a National Trust initiative to plant trees I thought what a great idea. I was definitely not alone in this view as, thanks to Stacey, the idea was floated to the staff, donations received, and the funds forwarded to the National Trust. This one amazing idea has resulted in sufficient funds being raised by Baggette & Company to plant not one, but 50 trees!

I am therefore very proud to publish the National Trust Certificate on behalf of my staff, and take the opportunity to include the link to the Plant a Tree website which details the National Trust’s tree planting target, progress and why this is so important, not only to our future but to the future of our children and grandchildren.

Certificate of dedication to Baggette and Company, from the Woodlands Trust.
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